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What Box Are You In?


“People with dull lives often think that their lives are dull by chance. In reality everyone chooses more or less what kind of events will happen to them by their conscious patterns of blocking and yielding. A student objected to this view by saying, ‘But you don’t choose your life. Sometimes you are at the mercy of people who push you around.’ I said, ‘Do you avoid such people?’ ‘Oh!’ She said...

Opportunity Is Abundant… If You Believe It


This week we’re going to explore a habit that can help you make progress towards psychological freedom and help you spot alternate paths to take in life. Illustrations by Asia Noble. She’s incredible. You can find her here: . Also, many thanks to Bill Ledley for his usual insightful comments. “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your...

Thoughts That Prevent You From Psychological Freedom


We’re not taught how to manage our attention and emotions in school. It’s a topic I find invaluable for the time we live in. If, after reading this, you have any feedback or you would like to provide examples from your life please share them in the comments =) Reality Distortion Fields If we’re living in a world where the scarce resource is moving from capital to attention, then...