Chamath Sees Where The World Is Going


I’m working on a couple of posts related to psychological freedom that I think will be thought provoking. In the meantime I curated an interview that is related to many of the Permissionless Life themes.

The internet pays many dividends. One of them is having access to information and content from some of the smartest people on the planet.

I recently watched an interview of Chamath Palihapitiya that took place in 2013 and I want to share some of my favorite clips with you.

I think Chamath embodies the principles and ideas of Permissionless Life. His story is what makes America great. He was born in Sri Lanka to poor parents. They moved the family to Canada, where Chamath grew up. He studied hard, went to the University of Waterloo and then eventually moved to America.

Chamath worked at AOL in the early 2000s and then became head of growth at Facebook. He took the money he made at Facebook and started a venture capital firm called Social Capital.

Social Capital is focused on investing in the education, healthcare, and financial services. In Chamath’s own words, he wants to build things “that rip power from the middle and give it to people at the edges.”

Here are some of my favorite parts:

The Framework For How Society Assigns Value Is Changing – watch to 38:08 (less than 2 mins)

Empowering Smart Hard Working Individuals – watch to 44:00 (less than 2 mins)

Empowering Individuals Isn’t Perfect, But It’s The Cost of Progress – watch to 54:15 (a little more than 2 mins)

How You Live In The World & Thrive + Unemployment and Jobs – watch to the end (7 mins)

The whole interview is over an hour and it’s worth a watch:

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