Founder’s Letter


Welcome. I wrote a letter to potential readers because I view you as stakeholders in this endeavor. You invest your time. You deserve to have a roadmap as to what you’re investing in and a North Star by which to hold me accountable.

Dear Reader,

I started Permissionless Life because I think it’s one of the greatest times to be alive. I also think things are going to continue to get a lot better. The problem is that my opinion doesn’t seem to be the current consensus. The narrative in the mainstream media and on social media is one of anxiety, uncertainty, fear, and divisiveness.

My goal is simple. I want to use this site to counter the fear narrative and replace it with a narrative of opportunity and self-empowerment. I’m not trying to be optimistic for the sake of being optimistic. I think I’m actually being a realist. As a society, we are collectively focusing on the negatives while undermining the positives to a dangerous degree. It is a group-think driven thought distortion. If we want to take advantage of opportunity we need to have the right mindset. I want to help us do that.

My optimism comes from the following underlying realizations and personal beliefs about the world:

    1. You have a lot of control over your life. If you don’t realize it yet, you can rewire your brain.
    2. Once you figure out #1, you’ll realize the average individual is more powerful than ever.
    3. Knowledge is cheap and easily accessible.
    4. For many people, the cost of experimenting with life is low.
    5. It’s cheaper and easier to start businesses than ever before.
    6. It’s easier to find people who have similar interest than ever before (and they don’t bite! …but monkeys do!).

I intend to accomplish my goal through personal writings, content curation from around the web, interviews with inspiring people, guest posts, and live chats. My posts will seek to revolve around or include these six beliefs.

The last 16 or so years have been characterized by the rise of giant tech companies that have “disrupted” multiple industries — and their success has created the reality that underscores these six beliefs. Some of these companies will be familiar: Google, Amazon, AirBnB, Shopify, WordPress, Instagram, YouTube, Udacity, Coursera, Wikipedia, Stripe, Etsy, Kickstarter, Alibaba, and Squarespace to name a few.  Dan Rosensweig, CEO of Chegg, believes those companies succeeded because they “acknowledged that the organizing principle for their industries should be around the actual consumer, not the channels built to reach them.”

That organizing principle based on the consumer is why I am so excited. Not all of us are going to become technologists and start tech companies (I hope some of you do). But many of us can leverage the tools that these companies have invented to create meaningful lives. I’m using several of them right now to provide this content to you.

All of us have a choice. We can sit around waiting for the government, some giant corporation, religion, or someone else to create structure for us or we can start to utilize these tools and empower ourselves.

I’ve been at a job I didn’t like, afraid to quit because I was terrified of not having a steady paycheck. I was afraid to travel by myself. I was afraid to have faith in myself.

This site is for those of you who sit at your desk at work bored as hell wondering how the hell you can do something more interesting. It’s for the college student who doesn’t know what to study or is anxious about getting that first job. It’s for the person who wants to travel and doesn’t know how. It’s for baby boomers who want to understand young people.

The journey isn’t easy. In order to create our own destiny, we need to accept uncertainty as normal. Every time we take a step and become comfortable, we’ll take the next step and become uncomfortable again. We’ll start by examining our psychology and how we can develop the appropriate mindsets for our current reality. From there we’ll examine the content and tools available to create our lives and meet people who are doing this today.

The title Permissionless Life is a play on a popular term in tech circles, Permissionless Innovation. Permissionless Innovation is one of the philosophies that underlies the internet. It means that no one has to give you permission to create things on the internet. There is no gatekeeper. The irony is that life can be that way too and it’s easier than ever in our current reality.

All the best,



  • Countering the fear narrative is very interesting. I have experienced that my fears are a significant part of my reality. Running away from them has not worked much. I have decided to study them. In details. In other words, understand them. Life has become little easier.
    This is a great write-up. I am friends with your mom.

    • Thanks for the comments Avantika. I think you’re right about studying one’s fears. I like to think of it as a ratio of avoiding fears vs. going after desires. Doing more of the former involves succumbing to fear and anxiety. The latter requires excitement and determination. It’s hard to be fearful if you’re really excited. However, how one frames their thinking around their fears has a lot to do with whether or not they avoid fears or go after desires. I will post more about this in the future.