I enjoy asking questions, especially ones that elucidate various aspects of a person’s psyche. I recently formulated a list of questions that I intended to ask many of the people closest to me. The results of the conversations were intriguing enough that I decided to start asking strangers.

I’m posting the questions here as I would be curious if internet friends or strangers would answer them.

The rules are 1) you can answer these however you like, 2) you can choose to not answer a question, and 3) if you send me your answers, I will send you mine.

You can email me at If you would prefer to have this discussion on a call, we could arrange that as well.

1) what is the aim of your life?

2) how long do you think you will live?

3) what are your thoughts on God?

4) what books have had the largest impact on your life?

5) what do you regret?

6) which people (can be alive, dead, historical, fictional) have had the greatest impact on your life?

7) what prevents you from doing what you want to do?

8) in what ways have you been lucky?

9) where in your body do you feel your emotions?

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